About us

Dove Bank Primary

Dove Bank Primary School is a small rural community school for pupils aged four to eleven years old.

Situated in the picturesque village of Nailstone, the school also serves the nearby catchment areas of Bagworth and Battram.

The school is a well-maintained, modern building built in 1982 and extended further in 2004.

Dove Bank was extended again in 2019 to cater for increased housing being built in the local area.



The extensive grounds, which include a large playing field, outdoor stage and wildlife area/pond, have been developed to support learning, providing an attractive and safe environment for all children to enjoy.

The school has a small playground and outdoor area connected to the Key Stage 1 classrooms, enabling our youngest pupils to move independently from indoor to outdoor activities.

There is a larger playground where Key Stage 2 children are able to play together.

Children begin in our well-equipped Foundation Stage classroom, with a purpose built outdoor learning environment, in the school year they turn five. 


Inside, the school offers a rich, rewarding and highly stimulating learning environment.

The rest of the school is equally well resourced, with each of the remaining classrooms equipped with an interactive whiteboard, their own set of laptops and a suite of iPads.

There is a multi-purpose hall which enables the whole school to meet together for assemblies. The hall is also used for PE, drama and extra- curricular activities, as well as serving as our dining hall at lunch time.

Our hall is equipped with a state of the art video wall and a fantastic sound system.


Additionally, there is an attractive, well-stocked library which is used by pupils to develop reference and research skills as well as an enjoyment of books.

There are two specialised teaching rooms for individual or small group work with pupils throughout the day.

The school also has an additional room which is used for activities such as art and cooking. 


The school is fortunate to have a talented and highly skilled staff.

Working in close partnership with teachers, each classroom is staffed with a full time Teaching Assistant.

Additionally, the school employs a number of special needs Learning Support Assistants to work with children with special educational needs.

A member of staff from MATU liaises with children and families from the travelling community. 


Class numbers

Children attending the school are organised into both single-aged and mixed-age classes (Year R to Year 6).

Due to uneven admission numbers, the number of children in each class may vary.

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