Design and Technology

Imaginative thinking

Vision for Design Technology

 At Dove Bank Primary we want to prepare our pupils to be part of tomorrow’s rapidly changing world.

We aim to develop creative, technical, imaginative thinking children through our teaching of Design Technology, as well as developing perseverance, resourcefulness and the confidence to take risks. 

At Dove Bank we strive to give the children a wide range of experiences and opportunities through the use of different resources and equipment whilst being safe, happy, respectful learners.  

What’s New?

As part of our exciting Cornerstones curriculum all aspects of Design Technology are covered, ranging from structures to mechanisms, cooking to electrical systems.  

Subject Leader Biography

Hi all! 

I am Mrs Vale and I currently teach Year 5 at Dove Bank Primary. I also have the pleasure of leading the subject of Design Technology.

If you have any questions about our Design Technology Curriculum, then please contact the school via telephone email or come and speak to me directly. 


Subject priorities

  1. Skills and coverage – we are aiming to develop all pupil’s skills across all year groups and using these skills to become creative, technical, imaginative thinking children.

  2. Resources and equipment – we are ensuring a wide range of DT resources and equipment are available to provide the children of Dove Bank with exciting, enjoyable and safe Design Technology experiences. 

  3. Staff training – we must ensure all staff have the knowledge and confidence in the use of a wide range of Design Technology resources and equipment. 

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