Early Years Foundation Stage

Vision for EYFS

At Dove Bank Primary School, we believe in the power of play for our youngest learners.

We encourage children to explore our environment and resources on offer, to lead their own learning and return to familiar activities and resources throughout their time with us. 

We recognise that children need time to direct their own learning in addition to focussed learning time. To reflect this, our day has opportunities for: 

  • Child-initiated learning: During this time the children source their own learning opportunities using the resources available in the continuous provision. Adults spend time playing with the children, modelling correct language, supporting and challenging children in their play. 

  • Adult-focussed learning: This time is guided by the adults. It could be a whole class learning input such as phonics or a task based on children’s next steps. Activities are engaging, innovative and hands on.  

We have a highly skilled team in the EYFS, consisting of an EYFS Teacher, a Nursery Nurse and a TA.

Our environment is calm and inviting, consisting of 2 classrooms, a veranda and an extensive outdoor area which is accessible throughout the day.

Children spend time in our nature area, participating a dedicated Forest School session regularly.  

What’s New?

We are developing our curriculum to reflect the revised Development Matters statements.

We have introduced a rotation of Forest Friday activities to include Forest School, cooking, sewing and woodwork.

Our Message Centre is a wonderful new addition to our environment, that captures the children’s love of play and encourages independent mark-making leading to writing.  

Subject Leader Biography

Hello Everyone, my name is Miss Hopper and I have the pleasure of Leading the Early Years Foundation Stage at Dove Bank Primary School.

I have a passion for teaching children in the Early Years of their school life.

If you wish to find out more about the Early Years Curriculum or Early Learning please get in touch!  


Subject priorities

  1. Phonics- to ensure that staff are appropriately trained to deliver our Monster Phonics Programme.  

  2. Provision- to ensure the indoor and outdoor environment is used effectively and resourced appropriately. A larger space for construction and creativity indoors has been created, in addition to a dedicated maths area being developed.  

  3. Revised EYFS curriculum- to ensure that all staff are aware of the changes to our curriculum and how this links to their subject. 
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