The Governing Body

Governors are part of the largest volunteer workforce

Governors are part of the largest volunteer workforce in the country; they play a key role in helping the school provide the best possible education for all its pupils.

Dove Bank Primary School has a very committed team of governors, who promote high standards across the school.

Their role is to support and challenge the Headteacher, to help set the vision and strategic direction of the school and to ensure that our school is the very best it could be.

Governors have a wide range of responsibilities

These include tasks such as:

  • Ensuring that the school meets its legal responsibilities
  • Setting the school budget
  • Making decisions about the school building and premises
  • Setting school policies
  • Appointing staff and making decisions about current staffing
  • Looking at how well groups of pupils are performing and ensuring action is taken if there are any concerns

The Governing Body is drawn from various sections of the Community (numbers for Dove Bank are shown in brackets):

  • Parent governors: (2)
  • Staff governor: (1)
  • LA appointed governors: (1)
  • Co-opted governors elected by the governing body to represent the local community and businesses: (5)
  • The Headteacher (1)

The Governing Body

Must exercise its functions with a view to fulfilling a largely strategic role in the running of the school. 

It establishes the strategic framework by: setting aims and objectives for the school; adopting policies for achieving those aims and objectives; setting targets for achieving those aims and objectives.

The governing body monitors and evaluates progress of its strategy and regularly reviews the framework for the school in the light of that progress.

When establishing the strategic framework and reviewing progress, the governing body considers advice given by the Headteacher, Local Authority and other agencies.

The Governors, in partnership with school staff draw up a School Improvement Plan which provides the main mechanism for the strategic planning.

To carry out their responsibilities, governing bodies must hold at least three meetings per school year. Meetings are convened by the clerk who takes directions from the Governing Body and the Chair.

Part of the Agenda is set nationally, part by the Local Authority and part by the school itself. Some Governors' business is also conducted at Committee Meetings.

Dove Bank has 2 regular committees: ‘Management and Finance’ and ‘Standards’. Each committee usually meets termly.

All Governors on these committees have full voting rights.

There are also some committees which meet when required, for example: Complaints, Disciplinary, Performance Management, Pay and the School Improvement Working Party.

Governors visit the school regularly so that they kept are informed of all aspects of school life. Each Governor is responsible for a subject or ‘key’ area.

The Headteacher and Governing Body work in close partnership. The Headteacher discusses all the main aspects of school life with the governing body and expects the governing body to both challenge and support the school.

Acting as a ‘critical friend’, the governing body offers support and constructive advice; governors question proposals and seek further information to enable them to make sound decisions.

Governors’ Code of Conduct Please click on the link below to see our Code of Conduct for Governors at Dove Bank Primary School

Code of conduct

 To contact the Governing Body 

Please address all correspondence either to the Chair of Governors, or to a named governor, via the school office.

Communicating with Parents
One of our priorities over the last year has been to improve the way that governors communicate with parents/carers.

Please click on the links opposite to read our newsletter to parents.

Dove Bank Governor Attendance

Chair of Governors – Ann Melville

Term of office: 01.05.2015-30.04.2023

Appointed by: the Governing Body (Co-Opted)

Committee Membership: Management & Finance and Teaching & Learning Nominated Governor for: Safeguarding & Child Protection; Performance Management & Pay; Finance; Assessment; Foundation Stage

Ann is Chair of Governors of two secondary Darby schools and Director and Vice Chair of The Midland Academies Trust. She is no relation to anyone working in the school.

Pen Portrait: 

I have a background in community and mainstream education and retired in 2007 from my post of Assistant Executive Director of Children’s Services in Liverpool.

When I moved to Leicestershire I wanted to remain involved in Education and was delighted to be appointed as a LA Governor at Dove Bank Primary School.  I retain an interest in developments in education particularly related to effective learning strategies. I am committed to ensuring that all children and young people have access to high quality education. 

Vice Chair of Governors/Co-opted Governor – Ray Hale 

Term of office: 1.5.2015-30.4.2023

Appointed by: the Governing Body (Co-Opted)

Committee Membership: Management & Finance Nominated Governor for: Finance; Health & Safety/Premises; Behaviour & Discipline

No business interests to declare, not a Governor at any other school and is no relation to anyone working in the school.

Pen Portrait:

As a Chartered Public Finance Accountant I spent 20 years as Treasurer of Leicestershire County Council and a similar period as Treasurer of Leicestershire and Rutland Police.

During this time I was fully involved in educational finance. I am currently treasurer of Leicester University Medical Research Foundation and treasurer and company secretary of Mosaic-shaping disability services (a large Leicester disability charity).I have spent 15 years as a Parish Councillor and hope that this level of public service involvement will be useful in my duties as a Governor of Dove Bank.

LA Governor - Joy Crane

Term of office: 28.02.2018-27.02.2022

Appointed by: the Local Authority

Committee Membership: Management & Finance and Teaching & Learning Nominated Governor for: Safeguarding & Child Protection; Performance Management & Pay; Personnel & HR; Art; DT; Music; French; History & Geography; Community Cohesion and Parental Engagement

No business interests to declare, not a Governor at any other school and is no relation to anyone working in the school.

Pen Portrait: 

I am the previous Chair Person of the Governing Body at Dove Bank School. I have many years’ experience as a school governor in both the primary and secondary school sectors.

I have skills in leadership and management, public speaking and have a very good understanding of the needs of children and young people.

Co-opted Governor - Mitzi Moran

Term of office: 20.11.2017-19.11.2021

Appointed by: the Governing Body

Pen Portrait: 

I have an interest in the quality of education for all children and have been a school governor in Leicestershire since 1996. I also run a business providing after school sports coaching. 

Associate Governor – Donna Newman

Term of office: 02.11.2019-01.11.2023

Appointed by: Governing Body

Committee Membership: Teaching & Learning Nominated Governor for: Science; PE; Website Content

No business interests to declare, not a Governor at any other school and is no relation to anyone working in the school.

Pen Portrait:
My name is Donna Newman and I have a son who attends Dove Bank Primary School. Professionally, I hold a BA(Hons) in Accounting and Finance and am a qualified Management Accountant with vast experience of financial, strategic and general management in businesses of all sizes, from small and local to large global multinationals.

In my spare time, I am a trustee for the Bagworth Community Centre Trust (BCCT). In this capacity, I cover a variety of management tasks, especially in relation to finance and legal areas. As part of my role with the BBCT, I have recently completed a number of training courses which will be useful in my role of governor, including safeguarding training and a Food Hygiene certificate. I believe that the skills and experience I have gained from both my professional and voluntary roles, as well as my commitment to continuous improvement, enables me to add significant value as a friend of Dove Bank School, building further on the strong foundations already in place.

Parent Governor - Rachel Cox 

Term of office: 25.11.2019-24.11.2023

Appointed by: Parental Election 

Pen Portrait: 
My background is health care, working both strategically and operationally, within the public and charitable sector. My current role is working as a Partnership Quality Lead covering Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. Within the village I was a member of the parish council for approx. 8 years and during the last term of office, chairperson, supporting and leading decisions for the greater good.  I have also been proactive in fundraising and arranging community events. I have lived in the village for most of my life and believe I have been a strong advocate for the school. My daughter Lily currently attends Dove Bank.

I am always interested in the performance of the school and a desire to support its development.  My career to date has enabled me to be open minded and enquiring, along with the ability to look at issues objectively.  For me, communication is key, this helps me to understand issues and to be able to contribute effectively but also to listen and make informed decisions. My skills and experience to date are transferable into the role of parent governor and enable me to contribute to the future work of the governing body, putting children first and ensuring that that they get the best possible education.   

Parent Governor - Peter Graham

Term of office: 09.03.2020-08.03.2024

Appointed by: Parental Election

Pen Portrait: 

I trained as Veterinary Surgeon a few decades ago and have worked in both Universities and commercial environments since then.  I spent 12 years running a multi-site veterinary diagnostic laboratory as Managing Director and gained skills in finance, management, quality improvement and service delivery.

For most of my  professional life I have been involved in teaching specialist skills to adults and hope to bring that experience to the benefit of the school as I learn the similarities and differences when it comes to primary education.  I live in Bagworth and have 2 children at the school.

Staff Governor – Tracey Vale 

Term of office: 06.01.2020-05.01.2024

Appointed by: the Governing Body and Staff

No business interests to declare, not a Governor at any other school and is no relation to anyone working in the school.

Headteacher - James Cheesman 

Term of office: Ex Officio Committee Membership:

Teaching & Learning/Management & Finance

No business interests to declare, not a Governor at any other school and is no relation to anyone working in the school.

Roger Stead – Clerk 

Term of office: 27.8.2012-26.8.2026

Resigned Governors

Chair of Governors/Co-opted Governor - Sarah Pennelli Term of office: 1.5.2015-30.4.2023

Appointed by: the Governing Body (Co-Opted)

Committee Membership: Management & Finance (Chair) and Teaching & Learning Nominated Governor for: SEND, Inclusion, LAC & Young Carers; Pupil Premium/Sports Funding; Maths

No business interests to declare, not a Governor at any other school and is no relation to anyone working in the school.

I live in the village of Nailstone with my husband and our son who attends Dove Bank School.

Pen Portrait:

Having qualified as an accountant over 20 years ago I have worked for companies such as Caterpillar and the RAC, leading teams performing both accounting roles and also working with customers as a commercial accountant. For the last five years I have worked for Blaby District Council and am now the Chief Finance Officer having responsibility for all the Council's finances.

I enjoy my role at Blaby immensely and the experience I have gained assists me in my role as governor in a number of ways such as; delivering services with less money, asset management, health and safety requirements, safeguarding and vulnerability. I'm passionate about all individuals reaching their full potential in life and I'm the sponsor for the staff development at Blaby.

At Dove Bank I'm the governor with a special interest in maths. I believe that school should be an enjoyable experience for all children and that we all learn best when things are made interesting and fun.

Resigned Governors

Staff Governor – Sarah Wallis Term of office: 1.10.2017-30.09.2021
Committee Membership: Management & Finance

Parent Governor – Vicky Coombes-Truman Term of office: 25.04.2017-24.04.20
Committee Membership: Teaching & Learning

Co-opted Staff Governor - Dawn Davies Term of office: 1.5.2015-30.4.2019
Committee Membership: Teaching & Learning

Headteacher - Fiona Shields Term of office: 8.4.2013-23.08.18
Committee Membership: Teaching & Learning/Management & Finance

Parent Governor – Rebecca Taylor Term of office: 1.2.2013-31.1.2017
Committee Membership: Teaching & Learning  (Chair) Nominated Governor for: Literacy & Phonics; Link Governor for Training and Development

Resigned Governors continued

Parent Governor - Pamela Miles Term of office: 7.10.2015-6.10.2019 Resigned: July 2016 (children left the school)
Committee Membership: Teaching & Learning, Nominated Governor for: Science & PE

Co-opted Governor - Neville Thompson Term of office: 1.5.2015-30.4.2019 Resigned: July 2016 (to pursue retirement activities)
Committee Membership: Management & Finance Nominated Governor for: Finance; Personnel & HR

Parent Governor - Nicola Geary  Term of office: 1.6 2014 - 31.5.2018 Resigned 4.1.2015

Parent Governor - Robert Williams Term of office: 26.2 2012 - 26.2.2016 Resigned 1.10.2015

Relevant business and pecuniary interests:
Anne Melville – Chair of Governors at another educational establishment No other business of pecuniary interests expressed within the Governing Body.

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