Maple News – November 2021

During this half term, in Maple Class, we have enjoyed finding out about space in our exciting topic ‘Stargazers’.

We have developed our knowledge of the Solar System. We have also learnt about the Moon, planets and significant individuals, including Galileo and Newton. Highlights of the topic included investigating the Solar System, researching which planets are Jovian (gaseous) or terrestrial (rocky).

We used fruit to represent the planets and created a map of the solar system on the school field. We continued our science theme by investigating gravity using Newton force meters, to compare weight and mass of different objects. We learnt about the `Big Bang Theory` and mapped the expansion of the universe using balloons.

In DT, we have also enjoyed creating textile art based on the moon. We looked at a range of close-up Moon images to see surface textures, shapes and colours. Then collected a range of fabrics, threads, and embellishment items that would make a good textural lunar surface. We then used stitching techniques and layering to create a moonscape textile sample. All in all our topic has been out of this world!

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