Physical Education

Enjoy being active

Vision for PE

At Dove Bank, we are committed to providing all children with learning opportunities to engage in Physical Education and Sport on a regular basis and become more physically confident and competent.

We hope that, through all of our sporting opportunities and physical activity that we offer, the children will develop a love and passion for sport and continue this into their later lives.

What’s New?

  • Dove Bank Primary School uses ‘The PE Hub’ as our main scheme of work to empower our staff to deliver high quality physical education lessons throughout the school.

  • Lessons are now split tin to two sessions, 1 x 60 minute lesson and 1 x 30 minute lesson.

  • All classes now access our mile track daily.

  • The whole school participates in our morning exercise linked to music in our ‘Wake-up Shake-up’ sessions 2 x weekly.

  • Dove Bank has linked with a local Sports and PE specialist to support teachers continuing professional development.

Subject Leader Biography

Hello, my name is Mrs Davies and I have the pleasure of leading Physical Education here at Dove Bank.

I have always enjoyed sports ever since I was very young and so it is a pleasure to lead this exciting subject where so much can change and so much can be achieved!

I have loved introducing a new scheme and being part of developing staff professionally then seeing this development being passed on to our students.


Subject priorities

Consistency and quality of teaching - ensuring that all teachers demonstrate excellent subject knowledge and have consistently high standards and expectations.

    • All teachers, support staff and every child to be dressed in appropriate kit.

    • Carefully planned lessons following ‘The PE Hub’ scheme of work will ensure every child makes progress and is as active as possible.

    • Lessons objectives and learning intentions are shared and reviewed with the children.

    • All support staff fully involved in every lesson.

Developing a sustainable pathway – providing children with opportunities to take part in sport and physical activity outside of school is a key part of our role.
We regularly signpost children to clubs and activities outside of school and welcome clubs and coaches into school to lead activities and provide details of local events and competitions.

The profile of PE and sport is raised across the school.

Curriculum Statement


Physical activity is a vital part of every child’s day and school life. Children are provided with an inclusive, broad and balanced Physical Education curriculum that ensures all children will benefit, whether through acquiring and developing skills; selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas; knowledge and understanding of fitness and health; and evaluating and improving performance. It is our intent to ensure children understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and to equip them with the tools to do so through health and well-being education. Children must understand how to take care of themselves both physically and mentally in order to be successful adults. 

It is important for all children to regularly enjoy being active and learn through high quality Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity at Dove Bank. Participation in sporting activity is a key element of developing a school in which pupils are proud of the community in which they belong. 


The children at Dove Bank receive high quality PE lessons which are mapped out in broad and balanced blocks using ‘The PE Hub’ Scheme of Work.

We have created, developed and adapted a series of Medium Term Plans that encompass the 4 strands that underpin Physical Education and support the needs of our pupils.

All children have access to a minimum of 90 minutes of PE weekly. PE is taught in the afternoons because we ensure that sessions are available to all pupils.

We ensure our PE curriculum enables children to build solid foundations in EYFS. Dough Disco and Big Moves allow pupils to develop their fundamental and fine motor skills. These foundations are then built on through the 4 key strands delivered through a range of repeated and increasingly challenging activities through to Year 6.  


The aim is that our extensive PE curriculum will impact greatly on our children’s ability to acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to make appropriate choices about their physical and mental health.

The curriculum will develop positive self-awareness in children as they become more physically competent. By the end of KS2, our children will have the confidence to look after their physical and mental well-being and will be able to meet KS2 expectations.

Our PE curriculum will instil in our children a lifelong engagement and enjoyment of sport, physical education and physical activity, where they will demonstrate a healthy attitude to competition – showing respect for individuals, teams, officials and coaches, as well as what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

All children will also be able to confidently swim 25m. 

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